President Biden is under pressure to respond as a judge freezes his vaccine mandate for private businesses over the weekend. And he is expected to do it next Monday.

White House Under Pressure To Respond As A Judge Blocks Its Vaccine Mandate

A court temporarily blocked the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for large private firms. It is expected that he will respond to it on Monday.

White House Under Pressure To Respond As A Judge Blocks Its Vaccine Mandate

Texas State Attorney General along with leaders of Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Utah, and certain private firms challenged President Biden’s vaccine mandate. And a federal appeals court imposed a temporary ban on the ruling on Saturday. According to him, the ruling is a blatant abuse of power.

The court asked President Biden to respond to it by 5 P.M. Monday. The panel of three judges who attended to the case said that there are numerous statutory and constitutional complications involved in the ruling. And it imposed a temporary ban on the ruling until the court investigates it further. The ban, however, is not going to make any difference. The ruling comes to effect only from January 4th.

The freeze comes within a few days after President Biden announced further details of the mandate. It includes the following:

  • The option for weekly testing
  • Possibility of work-place inspections
  • Heavy fines for non-compliance

This mandate covers more than 80000000 employees across the country.

The administration’s critics were quick to react. They challenged the order in court.

Opposition to the mandate had been there for months. The attorney generals of 24 Republican States requested President Biden to reconsider his move in a letter. According to them, the plan to mandate vaccination or weekly testing is a surefire recipe for disaster and is counter-productive.

The Republican Governors too were quick to oppose the move.

For Governor Greg Abbott, the mandate is an assault on privacy. According to Pete Ricketts, It is a blatant abuse of federal authority and violation of personal freedom. And the governor of South Dakota wrote on Twitter that her State will stand up to defend its freedom.

A recent survey, however, suggests that a large number of employees are in favor of such a mandate.

As per the ruling, businesses have to make sure that its staffs complete their vaccination before January 4th. Those unvaccinated will have to submit a negative COVID 19 test every week. Workers have to pay for the test from their own pockets.

The President had given a preview of the ruling in September. And it had said that it will affect more than 80000000 strong workforces in the country.

The GOP governors instantly threatened President Biden with legal action. He, however, asked them to go ahead with it. According to the Biden administration, a high rate of vaccination minimizes hospitalizations and deaths. It keeps workers safe and is great for the economy of the nation.

As per the estimates of the White House, the mandate will save hundreds and thousands of life. It will avoid up to 250000 within six months of implementing it.

After January 4th, there may be inspections. And non-compliance will attract up to $14000. The fine may go higher if it comes to know that businesses willfully violated the standards of medical-religious exemptions. Businesses are required to have a mechanism to address such concerns.

The January 4th deadline also applies to federal contractors and healthcare professionals who get benefited from the programs like Medicaid. The mandate, in total, will cover two-thirds of the country’s entire workforce; up to 100000000 people. Until now, 80% of the country’s adult population has received at least the first dose of the vaccination.

Are you vaccinated? If not, get the protection you deserve against COVID 19 at the earliest. These shots still remain the only ways to end the pandemic.

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