Take a look around the gym, and you will notice two things; the first is that people are spending enormous amounts of money on a membership to gyms, and secondly, they spend hours upon hours doing boring reps with small weights or machines.

You see some people doing three sets of 20 reps on a tiny little lat pull-down machine for an hour every day. After three months, they wonder why their gains have stalled and still have excess body fat? Because they can’t lose it! It’s not possible to burn fat while growing muscle simultaneously, so the longer you work out in one session, the more likely that affect your metabolism slowing down as a result of fatigue (plus its counterproductive).

It would be best to remember that your sessions should be short and intense, with a minimal rest as possible in between sets. It will keep your heart rate up and burn unwanted body fat while growing muscle mass at the same time!

Of course, if you are starting, you may not be able to lift a lot of weight for many reps, so use a lighter weight rather than making excuses why it’s impossible to get results.

Working out should never be boring! Make sure that you have fun while doing it by listening to music or watching TV/movies on your laptop. But most importantly, make sure that each session is short and sweet ~ there is no need to spend hours in the gym trying to prove anything when all you want is a success!

Training Frequency: 3-4 days per week – The key to effective workouts is keeping them short and intense, so aim for 3 or 4 upper-body exercises with 2-3 lower body exercises, then finish with 10 minutes of ab work. For the next three weeks, you will be doing one 5 minute workout a day which can be done at home using light weights, and you will still achieve the same results as if you were in the gym for hours.

The following rep/set scheme should be followed.

 – Sets & Reps: Try to push yourself but not too hard to complete your sets. Rest: Use the bare minimum rest time between each set (this means no chatting!) Equipment Minimum: You’ll need a chair, table, or bench for this workout, as well as a dumbbell (try starting with a 3 or 5lb dumbbell, and work up to heavier weights as you get stronger.)

5-minute strength training workout (performed once per day)

Set 1: • Squats – Do eight reps. • Lunges – Do 12 reps on each leg. • Crunches – 20 reps.

Set 2: • Push Ups – 10 reps. • Dumbbell Pullovers – 10 repetitions.

Set 3: • Reverse Crunches – 20 repetitions. • Tricep Dips – 10 repetitions.

Set 4: • Leg Lifts – 10 repetitions on each leg. • Shrugs – 20 repetitions.

Set 5: • Calf Raises – 20 repetitions on each leg. • Crunches With A Twist – 20 repetitions.

Plank Squeezes – 30 seconds. Repeat this sequence twice for a total of 3 sets. Or you can do four sets if you like. The choice is yours because there are no right or wrong answers to this question, no matter if you do 3 or 4 sets. You are the one who will decide whether this workout is effective or not.

Note: • Repeat this routine 3-4 times a week for best results!

• When doing high repetition sets, it is essential to keep your form strict. Make sure that you are squeezing your muscles at the peak of each rep and hold it for a second when doing exercises such as push-ups, reverse crunches, leg lifts, etc.

• You should feel thoroughly worked at the end of this 5-minute routine. The key to effective workouts is keeping them short!

Rest: Spend as little time as possible resting in between sets (just enough so that you can make it to your next set). It is going to help keep your heart rate up and burn more calories while doing these exercises. If you have a small step, bench, or chair, try to do some exercises with one leg at a time.

You’ll find that this works the core well and will give you some nice-looking legs too! If you are starting and can only lift a 5lb dumbbell, then that’s fine. Just do the best you can and try your hardest not to cheat.

If this workout sounds too easy, then try it with one leg or arm at a time – make sure that your form is good, don’t swing, bounce, or jerk the weights ~ if you need help, check out YouTube for exercise demos.

If you can add more weight to each exercise after three weeks (try using a 10-12lb dumbbell for each exercise), then do so and remember to aim for high intensity on every set! If you have trouble doing any of the exercises without looking like a fool like some people will no doubt be doing in their gyms (I’ve seen it!), you can try exercising like push-ups on a table or chair.

These are great because they allow you to lift and lower your body against gravity so that the only thing that needs to be overcome is your weight – make sure that if you do this variation, you don’t bounce or cheat!

The two most important things about gaining muscle mass are consistency and intensity! If you stick with these 5-minute workouts for three weeks straight, then I guarantee you’ll have more energy, a better tone (noticeable within your first week), and will feel fantastic at the end of every workout. Use your new energized self to start implementing other healthy habits into your life – eat right, drink lots of water, relax.

Train every two days on nonconsecutive days, three times a week for best results ~ Start now! Remember, consistency is key. There is no way around it if you want results fast. So don’t just train to “feel good”—train to transform yourself. You’ll look great and be healthier as well!

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