It has been noted that 10,000 or more people have passed away in a hospital.These people had visited hospital for disease like kidney failure

It has been found that among all the people hospitalized for various diseases roughly 21% of the patients contracted covid 19 virus at the hospital itself. The data is from a period April 2020 to September 2020. Roughly 8% of the people died at the hospital itself after contracting the disease and the rest of the people passed away after being discharged from the hospital.

More People Died Due To Covid In A Hospital, Recent News Reports

Steven Johnson visited Blake Medical Center in Florida for getting an infection removed from his flesh. Johnson is 66 years old and had survived colon cancer and had taken all precautions to avoid getting infected by the coronavirus. Johnson was tested the first 2 days in the hospital for covid and the test was negative. He further stayed in the hospital for the next 13 days for getting the infection removed and was while the last day when he was scheduled to leave one final PCR test confirmed that Johnson is covid positive.

More People Died Due To Covid In A Hospital, Recent News Reports

Later on, his lungs function deteriorated due to the virus which made the condition much worse and the hospital staff struggled to help him. He was asked if he would like to be intubated which would make breathing easy and provide relief to his lungs, however, Johnson said no for it. After a period of 3 days at the hospital after knowing he was covid positive Johnson passed away.

Johnson`s wife Cindy who was at the hospital full time also tested for covid and was found to be negative. Cindy stated that even if you don’t have covid and come in the hospital for any other treatment you are at a much greater risk of catching the virus. How can the institution which is supposed to save us from the virus is giving people virus be trusted anymore stated Cindy

Lisa Kirkland who is the spokesperson for Blake Medical Center stated that all hospital employees are vaccinated. The hospital is also following all the rules and regulations that have been given out by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The Biden administration have requested all of the hospitals across the nation to get their docs and different workers totally vaccinated and to usually check them for covid. Nonetheless, not all states in US are able to comply with the vaccine mandate rule as Florida has not but agreed to it.

It has additionally been discovered that the in-hospital unfold of covid is extra in US as in comparison with the UK and different international locations. It is a troublesome concern as US has the best variety of vaccines and higher medical care in comparison with different developed international locations.

An inside speak with the hospital workers leads us to know that most of the hospitals across the nation at begin ignored that the virus will be unfold airborne as nicely. Due to this most of the sufferers who had coughing points have been stored in the identical ward with non-covid individuals as nicely which led to a sooner unfold throughout the hospital.

Nonetheless, now that this has been acknowledged all of the covid sufferers are totally remoted from different sufferers and most of the hospitals have made it necessary for his or her workers to be totally vaccinated in the event that they wish to work right here.

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