Illume the company which makes covid 19 home test kits was largely in sale in the US. People have been buying these to periodically test themselves to check for the virus. However, lately, it has been known that these test kits have been giving out false positives. It has been stated that the company has called back 2 million of its home test kits.

As per FDA (Food and Drug Administration) the company had called back some test kits in October due to a large number of false positives.

Faulty Covid-19 Test Kits In The Market

The latest numbers state that it is now 2 million faulty test kits. Officials from FDA stated that if a person uses this and sees a false positive this could cause a late diagnosis and it is imperative of the company to recall all the faulty kits available in the market at the earliest.

Faulty Covid-19 Test Kits In The Market

As per reports around 35 cases of false positives were identified however no death has yet been registered. It has been found out that the kits which were manufactured between February 24 to August 11 contain faulty kits.

These kits were distributed in the period of April 14 to August 27. All efforts are being made to track all the shipments and get them back to the company. Pharmacies across the US have been advised to check the manufacturing date and if found within the mentioned time frame the pharmacist has to call the company and arrange a pickup.

FDA spokesperson said that the agency is now working with Ellume to see the shortcomings in their manufacturing unit and how to improve the quality check of the product. Under no circumstance is the pharmacies to sell these defective products to customers and if found selling they could lose their license as well.

In early February Ellume received a reward of $231.8 million from the Bidden administration. This money was to be used to amp up the production of the test kits as they were proving useful and people could test themselves at their homes.

The main advantage of using this is that there the rush at testing units has decreased gradually and doctors and health care professionals can now concentrate on more important issues at hand.

However, the demand for test kits is on the rise as the winter season is approaching and people are stocking this. This has affected the supply and the Biden administration has said that they will be making billions of dollars to this as a reward to amp up the production in the coming months.

CDC stated that people who go to offices and schools should get themselves tested every once a week or every 10 days.

People who are fully vaccinated also need to test themselves as well. People have been asked to check the manufacturing date of the kits they have at home and if found within the mentioned time frame of February 24 to August 11 then they are to discard the kits.

FDA has stated that the test kits are needed of the hour and they will work with the company to make sure such issues do not occur. Many of the schools are also buying and keeping the kits so that they can test their staff regularly. Making sure you are safe is the best way to make sure your family is safe stated New York Mayor.

With the winter season approaching the immunity of people are are likely to go weak and this can assist the virus to assault folks a lot simply. Thus, getting vaccinated is the one option to save your self and your family members.

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