Meniscus Tear Causes, Signs, And Diagnosis

Meniscus tears are prime knee accidents. Any exercise that forces you to twist your knees, particularly placing all of your weight in your knees, could cause your meniscus to tear. Every of your knees has two items of C-shaped cartilage, which act as cushions between the tibia and femur (meniscus). A torn meniscus could cause discomfort, irritation, and toughness. You may additionally really feel obstructed knee motion and be unable to totally prolong the knee. 

What Is Meniscus Tear?

First-aid like resting, and drugs, are sufficient to dismiss the ache of a meniscus tear. Permitting time for the harm to heal by itself is essential. Nevertheless, in different instances, the torn meniscus requires surgical restore. 

There are 4 ligaments that may stabilize the knee joint throughout relaxation and train: ACL, LCL, PCL, and MCL. A cushioning is offered by cartilage for the safety of the bones from stress attributable to strolling, working, and climbing. Every meniscus is bent in a C form 

What precisely is a torn meniscus? 

When there’s a tear within the cartilage on the high fringe of the tibia, permitting the femur to slip when the knee joint is moved, and the meniscus suffers a tear. Tears are typically described in keeping with their anatomical place and C-shaped look. Though the bodily examination can predict whether or not the medial or lateral meniscus is broken, diagnostic procedures can find a selected a part of the cartilage anatomy and its look. 

Figuring out the place of the tear may help regulate how simply the harm is to heal as a result of the blood provide to each a part of the meniscus is unalike. The higher the blood provide, the higher the probabilities of restoration. 

Causes of a meniscus tear 

Compellingly twisting or stopping swiftly will trigger the sting of the femur to squash the highest of the tibia, making it doable to trigger a tear within the meniscus cartilage. This knee harm can even happen when squatting or kneeling, particularly when lifting weights. Meniscus lacerations are a standard prevalence throughout sports activities actions like soccer and hockey. In sports activities comparable to tennis, basketball, and golf, sports activities that require sudden cease and rotation can even trigger meniscus accidents. 

Indicators and Signs

A torn meniscus often causes no signs or issues. Nevertheless, some folks with a torn meniscus know after they had been injured. Acute assaults of knee ache can happen and sufferers could hear or really feel the knee creak. Swelling of the knee joint attributable to a meniscus tear often takes a number of hours to happen, and relying on the diploma of ache and fluid build-up, the knee could turn out to be troublesome to maneuver. 

In some instances, the quantity of swelling will not be sufficient to draw consideration. Generally the affected person is unaware of the preliminary harm however begins to note signs that develop later. 

Another signs develop over time and will embrace ache whereas doing any or all the following: 

  • Strolling for lengthy distances 
  • Working
  • Leaping
  • Bending 
  • Locking

How is meniscus tear recognized? 

The analysis of knee harm begins with the historical past and bodily examination. If an acute harm happens, the physician will ask concerning the mechanism of the harm to assist perceive the strain on the knee. Non-athletes could recall a giant flip or curve throughout work or house responsibilities. 

The bodily examination often consists of palpating the nice and cozy and tender areas of the joint, assessing the soundness of the ligaments, and testing the vary of movement of the knee joint. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI is a chief option to conclude the presence of a meniscus tear. It’s a non-invasive take a look at that visualizes the interior buildings of the knee, together with cartilage and ligaments, the floor of the bones, and the muscle tissues and tendons surrounding the knee joint. One other advantage of preoperative MRI is that by understanding the anatomy, the plastic surgeon can plan doable knee surgical procedure and talk about various remedies with the affected person earlier than the operation begins. 


Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, typically used to deal with meniscal tears. An arthroscope is inserted via a small incision within the joint. A picture of the inside a part of the knee is projected on the display within the examination room. This picture permits the physician to restore or trim the torn a part of the meniscus in the course of the surgical procedure. For younger sufferers, you will need to maintain as many menisci as doable to guard the well being of the knee joint.


As with every harm to the physique, irritation happens when the meniscus is broken. If the floor that enables bones to slip towards one another within the knee joint is now not easy, the ache will happen each time you flex or prolong. A single occasion is sufficient to injury the meniscus typically or could steadily put on out on account of age and overuse. The ache might be overwhelming at instances, and it’s advisable to go to a physician for examination in such instances.

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