Flu vaccine will definitely reduce the workload of healthcare professionals. In fact, it is a must when the country is bracing for a twin demic.

The number of flu vaccine doses administered to children showed a decline last year, shows a government report. This is worrisome news for health experts across the country.

According To Studies Flu Vaccine For Kids Fell In 2020

The US is already grappling with a pandemic. And an increase in flu is sure to overwhelm the healthcare sector.

The rate of flu vaccination among children aged 6-23 months during a time period of September December 2020 was 14% lower than that of the same for 2018 and 2019. The report was published Wednesday in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly.

According To Studies Flu Vaccine For Kids Fell In 2020

The report analyzed sample data from ten States; Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin along with New York City.

The doses of vaccines administered to children aged 2-5 too declined in 11 States. The decrease was 12% in 2020 in comparison to 2019 and 2018. There was a slight increase in the overall rate of flu vaccination. This was the result of the increase in the number of adolescents receiving the same.

What appeared interesting was that the decrease coincided with what CDC recently said. It had been said that there was an unusual decline in flu activity in 2020. However, only one child succumbed to flu during that season; 2020-2021. 

The same was 119 during the time period of 2019-2020. For instance, the rate of lab-confirmed flu hospitalizations was getting lower from the time when CDC began gathering data on the same. The agency observes that the COVID 19 safety protocols like social distancing, masking, and the closure of schools may have resulted in a low number of flu-related hospitalizations and deaths.

During the time period of late September 2020 to late May 2021, the US laboratories tested 818,939 specimens. Among them, only 1,675 tested positive for flu. It, however, said that more than 35000000 flu-related illnesses happened in the time period of 2019-2020.

Even then, health experts are concerned about the possibility of a twin demic during the peak of the flu season. This comes in the wake of cities and States relaxing their COVID 19 safety measures like wearing masks. Vaccine-hesitancy is one other concern. Regardless of quick access to vaccination, persons are reluctant to take it. Instructional establishments throughout the nation have now opened for in-person studying.

The FDA’s choice to grant emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s COVID 19 vaccine for youngsters aged 5-11 is a ray of hope. Officers might determine to supply flu vaccine alongside the COVID shot. That is certain to scale back the variety of cases of flu, they hope. A brand new evaluation reveals that the vaccination price for flu remained the identical for youngsters aged 5-12.

In 2018, 2019, and 2020. As per the report, the speed of flu vaccination amongst kids of all ages is a should to alleviate the already burdened healthcare mechanism. The report additionally mentioned that the 2021-2022 flu will coincide with the COVID 19 pandemic. The nation has to make sure that kids aged six months to 4 years of age are vaccinated. This deserves utmost significance since they don’t seem to be but absolutely vaccinated.

Vaccinate your kids each in opposition to the flu and in opposition to COVID 19. This fashion, you’ll assist your individual household, these round you, and even your nation.

In case you are a mum or dad, do the next to maximise safety after vaccinating your little one in opposition to flu:

  • Maintain them lively
  • Wherever they’re, train them to scrub their fingers at common intervals
  • Assist them sleep nicely
  • Give them a balanced food regimen
  • Assist them de-stress
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